More Canadian Music

The 2nd most popular page in this blog (after “British Columbia”) is “Canadian Music”. In that post, we introduced some of Canada’s most popular musicians, from The Tragically Hip to Nelly Furtado to Stompin’ Tom Connors.

But one page wasn’t enough to showcase the vast amount of homegrown talent this country produces, some of it famous around the world, and some known only at home. In tribute to the musicians that we love, here is more Canadian Music!


From Enfield, Nova Scotia, comes this Canadian rapper. Classified is known for his patriotic and comedic songs, particularly Oh…Canada and Welcome to the Maritimes. Check him out!

Billy Talent

From Mississauga, Ontario, comes this neo-punk band known for their incredible rythm discipline and loud, rambunctious live shows. Billy Talent has had many hits, including Fallen Leaves, Red Flag, Devil In A Midnight Mass, Surrender and Surprise Surprise.

Arcade Fire

With recent Grammy nominations and big album success in the US and UK, another all-Canadian band is mistaken for an American one. Arcade Fire, from Montreal, Quebec, consists of a husband-wife duo and is known for their moving, goth-rock melodies and weird poetry. Check them out!

The Rankin Family

From historic Cape Breton Island in northern Nova Scotia, this Gaelic family band has retained historic Cape Breton Gaelic music and made a name for themselves doing it. Half of the family is gone now, killed in car accidents and cancer, but their music lives on, such as this foot-tapper from western Cape Breton: The Mull River Shuffle.

Chantal Kreviazuk

From Victoria, British Columbia, Chantal Kreviazuk has made a name for herself as a classical pianist and singer/songwriter. Although she is no longer cutting albums, she is heavily involved in producing live orchestras and other cultural events.

Corey Hart

Back to the retro 80’s, Corey Hart is known around the world for his hit single “Sunglasses at Night”. From Montreal, Quebec, Corey’s music now entertains retro dance parties at clubs around the world.

Jeff Healey

Ranked as one of the top 10 best blues artists in the world by Rolling Stone magazine, Jeff Healey was a guitar master who was also completely blind! From Toronto, Ontario, Jeff began playing guitar when he was just three years old! He lost his eyes to a rare form of cancer and had to have them surgically removed. He learned to play the guitar on his lap, and continued to grow his professional music career as a blues artist, earning a Grammy in 1985. Jeff passed away in 2008.

Big Sugar

Keeping with the blues theme, here’s Big Sugar, from Toronto, Ontario. They’ve sold more than a million albums during the reign of the blues charts in the 1990s.

Spirit of the West

From Vancouver, British Columbia, this hard-hitting folk band is famous for their drinking anthem “Home For A Rest”, which you can listen to here!


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