Sexy Canadian Girls

A secret that only Canadians really know is that Canada is a darn sexy country! In a Maxim Magazine poll of men around the world, Canadian women not only ranked #11 sexiest in the world, but also had the 5th highest number of hottie celebrities (Elisha Cuthbert, Shania Twain, “Kate’s Playground”, to name a few).

While Canadian women are on average 27 lbs lighter than the average American woman, they are also 3x more likely to have a University education and earn nearly 1.7x more! Beauty, brains and money! Just check it out!

Canadian hottie Elisha Cuthbert, star from Popular Mechanics for Kids, 24, and The Girl Next Door.

The average Canadian waitress…

Patriotism and Formula One racing go together like a bikini and…

Canadian girls are also sport-lovers

Also, exhibitionists…

Did I mention the sport lovers?

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