Canadian Beer Brands

Canadian breweries have been operating for centuries, some of them count among the oldest breweries in North America! Other smaller micro-brews offer natural ingredients and greener processes, while a few brands, such as Molson and Labbatt’s, is sold around the world!

Most Canadian beers offer an alcohol content of between 5% and 7%, but some go for the extreme, such as Molson XXX (9.2%) or Vancouver Island Brewery Hermanator (9%).
Below is just a small list of Canada’s major brewers. This doesn’t include the hundreds of micro-brews and brew-pubs that can be found in every city from coast to coast.
Canada is well-known for its national love of beer. It’s a stereotype and a reality. In fact, in 2009 Canada and Australia sold more beer than any other country in the world! Canadians are a beer-loving bunch, and with all the delicious brands available in the Great White North, it is no wonder.


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