In The Beginning…

Welcome to a blog about everything Canadiana. This blog is not for everybody; it is a blog for Canuckophiles and those interested in learning more about the country that calls itself “The Great White North”. It is written by a Canadian who has spent many years living overseas and travelling and comes from the perspective of comparison.

As this blog develops, you will find that it consists of a pot-pourri of information, from weekly news roundups (yeehaw!) to historical studies (snooooze) to political, cultural and economic issues (where’s the girls?). And yes, for those who follow my Mission To Moscow blog, it will have plenty of crude and/or ridiculous stories as well, with the difference being that these stories happen in Canada and not Russia.

With great excitement for the future development of Canadian Bacon, I welcome you and hope that you enjoy. Like we say in Canada, “Have a good one, eh?!”

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